Inferno Of Silence

Issue 64

One of the region’s business experts has recently taken to writing to help business people focus their brains on a more balanced approach to life. Now on his ninth book, with a tenth imminent, Tolu’ A. Akinyemi brings a fresh perspective to life.

Seven of Tolu’s book are poetry and two are essays and short stories full of enriching experiences and examples of lives lived.

Here, Maureen Stewart, PA to a director involved in several high-profile companies, reviews Tolu’s latest collection of short stories, Inferno of Silence.

This book covers a whole range of emotive subjects; Tolu’ shied away from nothing. Starting with Black Lives Matter, I felt thrown into a pot of society-based challenges. There is no denying, though, that the subject may be uncomfortable for some, the writing is articulate.

“Although the stories are fictional, you feel drawn into the characters like Ikemefuna and I realised I was devouring it as if a true story!”

“Moving on from racism in the football arena, IN The Trap of Seers, was my personal favourite. Dealing with death, grief and redemption, it made me shed a few tears.”

Mental health was also explored in this collection in Everybody Don Kolomental. Based in Nigeria, that is no matter, as the problems experienced are worldwide and inclusive., The writing is colourful and I could almost smell the streets of Lagos, feel the exotic experiences, sights and sounds!

Topics including love, consequences, relationships, wealth and all that is part of lives rich tapestries are included in this book.

“My heart goes out to the wife with the philandering spouse, but the light touch given by Tolu’ to that and the other stories makes them easy and enjoyable reading.”

“In a nutshell, this is storytelling at its best to allow the reader to immerse in trauma, in an embodiment of life and in celebration of all that it is to be human. My simple advice, get a copy and see for yourself.”

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