Force Of Nature

Issue 91

By Mary Ann Rogers

This is the title for the exhibition here at Mary Ann Rogers Gallery this summer. Nothing escapes the attention of Mary Ann, from the first sight of native daffodils in spring, to the bare trees, stark against the horizon, and pregnant sheep sheltering behind the drystone walls in the depth of winter.

From her vantage point at her drawing board, surrounded by floor to ceiling windows which look out at the hills of Redesdale, revealing the wildlife, farming activities and ever-changing skies, Mary Ann faithfully notes and describes the unfolding daily dramas using pure pigment watercolour on white paper.

All the paintings from the first half of the year are gradually getting framed in preparation for the summer exhibition. The whole gallery (most of the house!) is completely re-hung with these new paintings which tell a story of their own, describing stormy days, pheasants sneaking through undergrowth, hares lurking in the garden, hounds careering through the countryside and smart, red foxes spotted high in the hills.

With longer days and warmer weather the river swims have become more adventurous, now that the temperature is in the teens. Sadly, the otters seem to have relocated, possibly to have their young, but the number and variety of waterfowl have increased enormously since measures to encourage them locally are having an effect. Regularly seen birds include teal, goosander, mallard, herons, oystercatchers and sandmartins who make their summer home in little holes in the sandy banks of the river, and rear their young there.

‘Force of Nature’ exhibition of new paintings and prints previews on 17th & 18th June, 3-6pm, all welcome. The exhibition continues daily until Sunday 9th July, then regular gallery hours resume.

Mary Ann Rogers Gallery, West Woodburn, Hexham NE48 2SE 01434 270216

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