Culture Club - Slalom D

Issue 94

Slalom D, hailing from Sunderland and named after a now defunct brand of strong lager infamous amongst local punks, was formed in 2018, and project a forward-looking punk sound, combining innovative melodies, raw power and a fearless exploration of contemporary social issues.

The band consists of talented members who contribute their unique musical skills to the group’s dynamic sound. Fiona (Fe) Duncan leads with captivating vocals, while Andrew Scobie (Goober) adds depth with keyboards and backing vocals. Tony Lindstedt drives the rhythm on bass guitar, also contributing backing vocals, alongside Gary Roberts on guitar and backing vocals. Iain Murray holds it all together with his skilful drumming.

Here they tell us about their taste in music, art and culture…

Who is your favourite author and why?

Fe – I couldn’t choose between Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker. They’ve both been a huge influence on me in very different ways. The track, Sound of Her Wings on our new album is taken straight from one of my favourite Neil Gaiman characters.

Iain – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle especially for his Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson novels which I was fascinated by at an early age.

What would be your three Desert Island Discs?

Tony – Killing Joke, Requiem. Pulp, Common People. David Bowie, Quicksand.

Goober – The Damned, Strawberries. China Drum, Goose Fair. Jesus Jones, Liquidiser.

Iain – Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath. Overkill, Motörhead. The Stone Roses, Stone Roses.

Who is your favourite film star and why?

Fe – Again, it’s impossible to choose just one but I’m a massive fan of Ron Pearlman, Boris Karloff and Louise Brooks

Iain – Robert De Niro, especially for The Deer Hunter being his top performance amongst many more superlative roles.

What are your top three films?

Fe – I’m the horror nerd of the group and Day of the Dead inspired the lyrics to Final Girl. I love George A. Romero’s zombie films as they’re more a social commentary on the decades they were made in rather than just gore. The gore is great though!

Zombies aside, The Exorcist will always be my favourite film, I’ll never get bored of watching it although The Exorcist III comes a close second.

Iain – The Deer Hunter. It’s so much more than a war story because the first part of the film was all about a slice of Americana I’d never seen before in a film. It told of a blue-collar community completely torn apart by the Vietnam war.

Which poem left a lasting impression on you?

Iain – Anything by John Cooper Clarke but especially Evidently Chicken Town and I Married a Monster from Outer Space.

What box sets have you enjoyed?

Fe – Boston Legal, one of the greatest TV pairings of all time with James Spader and William Shatner.

Iain – Band Of Brothers. Game Of Thrones. The Sopranos.

Who is your favourite artist or performer?

Fe – Impossible to pick as I have so many but Vi Subversa is always in the top five.

Iain – Lemmy from Motorhead for his straight talking.

What is your favourite venue ?

Tony – Bannernans, Edinburgh and The Ivy House and The Peacock in Sunderland.

Goober – La Belle Angele, Edinburgh and like Tone, The Ivy House and The Peacock in Sunderland.

Iain – The Square, Harlow which is sadly no more. The Peacock live room upstairs where we actually recorded the drums and bass for our new album and of course I love to play that room too.

Which musical instrument do you particularly enjoy?

Fe – After a night of practising, anything quiet.

Iain – Air guitar, but I find it difficult to find strings for it sometimes!

From the world of Arts and Culture who would be your ideal dinner party guests?

Fe – Kathy Burke, Frida Kahlo, Bill Hicks, Angela Davies, Gloria Steinem, Christopher Hitchins and Craig Macbeth. It would definitely kick off at some point but what a night!

Iain – My biggest passion is football so it would be players and managers past and present. Roy Keane, Niall Quinn, Bob Stokoe, Bill Shankly, Jock Stein and Alex Ferguson.

Slalom D’s new album ‘Waltz into Anarchy’ is available on Serial Bowl Records.

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