A New Artist's Showcase

Issue 47

A new arts and crafts hub selling local artists' work has opened open at Vallum Farm on the Military Road.

The Creative Arts Studios Northumberland, founded by Lucy Hudson, is a venue designed to support and showcase artists based in the county.

The studios offer exhibition space for 40 artists selling and 15 artists delivering workshops in their field of artistic expertise to generate further income and attention to their business.

Lucy said: “It has long been a dream of mine to have a space and platform for me as well as other local artists and makers to promote art work and hold art and craft workshops for the general public. My Gramps was a wonderful artist and always encouraged me to chase my artistic dreams, if he were alive today he would have loved this venture.”

The studio’s hold workshops for children and adults in various arts and craft techniques and lends support to local artists to help them with branding and social media.

Lucy added: “These sessions will offer artists the opportunity to come together and network with another, work on their creative projects with others around them to get feedback from and generally be in a supportive environment.

“We support as many Northumberland artists as possible, not only to sell their work but so they can teach others and help they’re creative businesses thrive.”

The Studio shop has a wide selection of work from Sea Glass Jewellery to Lino Print Artwork from Glassware to Macrame so there is something for everyone.

Lucy said: ‘I have done my best to curate a gallery shop where there are no crossovers and lots of variety. It was also important to me to make sure we had a lot of different price points so that anyone can come into our shop and take something away with them. I believe that art should be available and accessible to all as it can bring so much joy. The Studio is currently offering a wide range of workshops, a list of which can be found on their Facebook page ‘The Creative Artist Studios Northumberland’

The Creative Artist Studios is not the only business up at Vallum Farm which has called itself ‘Hadrian’s Wall Gateway to Artisan Makers’ They also have an interior design and up-cycling shop called ‘Jolaru’ a catering and indie food brand called ‘Flat Earth’ and home ware store ‘Ibbis’ who boast a selection of goods bought from around the globe. Finally the farm has its own Tea Room and outdoor play park for children so it really is great day out for all the family.

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